Economic Pool Services

Welcome to Economic Pool Services! We are a locally owned and operated swimming pool service company operating in Las Vegas and Henderson areas. We are licesed technicians with many years of experience in pool, deck and spa cleaning. You'll find we offer exceptional value and quality service. We are here to help you enjoy your pool and relax. Your investment in your Backyard Oasis is important to us.

Come see why more and more of your neighbors are trusting Economic Pool Services for all thier pool service and maintenance. Call us now to schedule an appointment - Worry Free!

It is important to regularly maintain your swimming pool and spa to keep it clean, safe and extend the life of your swimming pool. Economic Pool Services offers a wide spectrum of swimming pool services, such as: acid and chlorine wash, glass tile cleaning installation and repair, tile cleaning, salt systems maintenance, changing water filter and many other services.


Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a swimming pool is essential to extend its life span and your enjoyment when using it. With our regular pool maintenance service, your swimming pool will always stay clean and safe.

When doing a proper swimming pool maintenance, it is crucial to check all the pool equipment used on a regular basis, especially if you want your swimming pool filter system to work properly. Call us today to schedule a service to check your swimming pool filtration system.

Proper water balancing is very important in swimming pools. The right ratio of water chemicals in the swimming pool is key to keeping it safe for your own use, and especially for the most vulnerable ones – our children. Economic Pool Service offers water balancing in every service.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly swimming pool maintenance packages, which include: Complete Maintenance Service; Test and balance water chemistry; Skim pool surface; Vacuum pool/spa; Backwash your pool filter after vacuum; Remove scum line; Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater; Salt cell inspection and cleaning.