Competitive Pricing - Licensed technician


Would you like to enjoy clean, clear and warm water in your swimming pool throughout the season? Then Swimming Pool Maintenance is right for you! Our complete maintenance service is available at any time and can be scheduled on a "once only" basis, weekly or monthly. For customers requiring regular weekly service, we will schedule to meet your needs.

We are licensed/certified professional pool cleaning service providers with many years of experience and we offer you the best service at a very affordable price.

$90* / month (4 visits)

Complete Maintenance Service Test and balance water chemistry

Skim pool surface

Vacuum pool/spa

Backwash your pool filter after vacuum

Remove scum line

Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater

Salt cell inspection and cleaning (if applicable)

Chemicals are dropped off and invoiced if required

*This price is for a regular size pool, special conditions apply. For an accurate estimate please contact us and one of our technicians will visit you.

For any other price or quote, please call us at 702-768-2135 to schedule a free estimate. We will be glad to help you.