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    Pool acid and clorine wash

    Your pool acts as one of the biggest attractions of your house. A clean pool is always appreciated by guests who visit your house. It is very important that your pool is always free from stains, scale build-up or calcium. Our acid and chlorine wash services ensure that your pool is always clean and amazes your guests whenever they visit your place.

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  • The biggest advantage of acid or chlorine wash is that they are significantly cheaper than getting the pool replastered. In addition to the costs, the time involved is also much less. It is important that you know about acid and chlorine wash before you take a decision to avail these services. The first sign of your pool needing acid or chlorine wash is appearance of dullness on the surface. This dullness is caused as a result of stains on the walls or scale build up and also results in the water of the pool appearing dirty, even when you have changed the water recently. During chlorine wash, all the water from the pool is drained through the waste line and then the remaining water is drained out using a submersible pump. Large amounts of chlorine are poured on the surface of the pool and the surface is than scrubbed. The scrubbing results in removal of all the stains from the surface. It also results in disinfection of algae spores hidden in the plaster. Full strength chlorine is used in the process.

  • The result of the process is a pool that is free from dirt stains and algae build ups. Alternatively, some customers also prefer acid wash over chlorine wash. While chlorine wash is recommended twice every year, acid wash is a process that cannot be carried out so frequently. Muriatic acid is used in acid wash just like chlorine is used in chlorines wash. The acid etches a tiny layer of the plaster and exposes a fresh layer from underneath. Since most plasters in swimming pools are more than half an inch thick, a few acid washes can be carried out very easily during the lifetime of the pool.

  • Acid wash is generally recommended once every four to five years because making it an annual procedure would increase the need of replastering over time. We provide thorough acid and chlorine wash services and ensure that we remove even the tiniest blot of stain from your pool.

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