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    Glass Tile Cleaning

    A swimming pool can be a great addition to the house. There is no better way of losing the summer heat than taking a splash in the pool. You can also host pool parties and have a great time with your friends and family members. Pools with glass tiles have a different appeal about them and are of great aesthetic value. Maintenance and cleaning of pools with glass tiles is something that should be left to professionals because glass tiles need special attention and cleaning them requires an altogether different technique.

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  • The most common problem with glass tiles is appearance of cracks which result in leakage. The leakage can also be damaging for the deck. It is important that such cracks are repaired from time to time because if they are not taken care of as they appear, they may widen and result in serious problems. It is important that you get the tiles repaired as soon as you notice a leakage and also to get period checkups done in order to monitor the appearance of any cracks.

  • Glass tile cracks are generally repaired using epoxy, putty or a rubber sealant. Even though repairing the leakage is an easy procedure, one has to be careful in order to ensure that the leakage is properly sealed and would not reoccur with time. Unlike other tiles, repairing glass tiles does not require the draining of entire pool unless the glass tile has to be changed. It is important that the leakage is detected on time because cracks in glass tiles generally worsen with time, becoming really difficult to repair and increasing the repair costs.

  • Glass tiles add a certain aesthetic value to the pool, but proper upkeep of these tiles is important in order to maintain this value. Glass tiles, like all other tiles require cleaning from time to time. If you wish to carry out maintenance or cleaning of glass tiles in your pool, you can contact us for our glass tile cleaning services which are delivered by experienced workers.