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    saltwater systems cleaning and maintenanace

    Salt based water cleaning systems are becoming a good alternative for pool owners. People for many years have made use of chlorine based water systems for their swimming pools. However with the introduction of cheaper and better systems which make use of salt the trend is fast changing.

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  • This salt water system proves to be less damaging for other equipment being used in your pool. We provide both cleaning and maintenance services for these systems. Nowadays these systems are cheaper to install than the chlorine based systems and the running costs are also lower. Apart from the above advantages these systems make use of relatively less harmful materials. With the addition of salt water systems to your swimming pools you can also be sure that there won’t be any harmful chemicals present in the pool. Another added advantage of having this system is that water treated with salts rarely has algae problems thus further reducing the maintenance cost of your pool.

  • The salt content in a saltwater pool is about the same as the salt content in the human body. It definitely does not harm pool equipment. Here are some of the advantages of having a saltwater pool: no toxic chemicals to buy, store and handle; no stinging eyes and no chlorine smell; lower maintenance. The main disadvantage of saltwater pools is that if the equipment is not used or maintained properly, it can result in costly repairs.

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