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    Tile cleaning and maintenance

    Most swimming pools suffer from calcium build-ups which appear on the pool tiles as a chalky film which can make your pool look dirty and old. Removal of this flaky calcium film is an extremely difficult and time consuming task which is best left at the hand of an expert. Our regular pool tile cleaning services can do the job for you, which will restore the original beauty of your swimming pool.

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  • We use several different products and procedures to ensure that your tiles are cleaned and treated properly. For cleaning pools of calcium build-up we use soda or glass beads which leave your pool sparkling clean. It is the most preferable method since it does not leave any sort of residue which might prove to be harmful when mixed with water. Getting your tiles cleaned at regular intervals also ensures that the water quality remains suitable for usage.

  • If your tiles have dulled by years of cleaning or have faded because of sun exposure, then your best option will be to get them either repaired or replaced. Replacement elongates the life of your pool apart from giving it a fresh and new look. Tiling of a swimming pool is a very difficult job since a proper slope has to be maintained apart from the smooth finish of the surface. A tile replacement job done by experts will ensure you the best quality work. The repair work will involve re-glazing the tile. It will also provide your pool with a fresh look.

  • Our professionals have got years of experience which can help you to determine the most cost effective ways to make your pool look new again and maintain that look for as long as possible. If the tiles of your pool are in a good condition then you need to get them cleaned regularly to make sure that they look that way, our professional will also help you to set up a schedule for cleaning so as to ensure that your tiles do not get dirty beyond cleaning.

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